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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Open Championship
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Year Venue

1910: St Andrews

 Player Score
1James Braid299
2Sandy Herd303
3George Duncan304
4Laurie Ayton Snr306
5Ted Ray308
 Fred Robson308
 Willie Smith308
 E P Gaudin308
 James Kinnell308
 T G Renouf Donald Ross308

Bernard Darwin recounts James Braidís Ďas fine a round as he ever playedí being one which did not count. The hard ground at St Andrews was subject to a torrential downpour of rain which flooded the course causing the first dayís play to be abandoned. Braid had already started his round and when news of the abandonment reached him, Ďit may have come to him in so vague a form that he could not wholly trust ití so he continued to play through the floods finishing with a 76. Undaunted, he went round again the next day in the same score, three behind George Duncan, but edged ahead of him in the afternoon round with a 73 to Duncanís 77. However, Willie Smith, home for a visit from his adventures in Mexico moved to the head of the field with a record low score of 71. The next day it was Duncan who scored 71 and went into the last round two ahead of Braid and six in front of Sandy Herd. Duncan was the first to play in the afternoon but 6ís at the fifth and sixth did for him. Braid went out in 38, which was comfortable enough, and with shots in hand cautiously finished with three 5ís for another 38, finishing four ahead of Sandy Herd. His 299 was the first below 300 in an Open at St Andrews, his fifth and final victory in the Championship.