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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Site last updated 08 January 2019
Welcome to Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland is the leading online resource for antique golf clubs and memorabilia from Scotland, the birthplace of golf.

Antique golf catalogue
Happy New Year! An antique golf club or antique golf set, or item of golfing history, is a memorable (and lasting) gift for a golfer. To help, we have grouped what we think make excellent presents for golfers in our Gift Ideas section. In addition to finding a perfect golfing gift, a purchase of one of our antique golf items may be the start of an interesting hobby or a collecting passion.

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  Gift ideas
  Long irons
  Scareneck clubs

Forgan lofting iron for Bombay
Forgan was a major club exporter to the Indian sub-continent in the early 20th century but Scottish exports of clubs and professionals were all over Asia.
  Golf in the Far East
  Forgan spoon for India
  Carnoustie putter for India
  A Scottish presence in Japan and the Philippines
  Paomachang (China) trophy

Golf and the First World War
Nine weeks since the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I and we are now very close to a definitive list of the professional golfers who were killed.
  The Niblick Brigade
  Those interned
  How attitudes to Germany changed
  A club from one who did not return

Places: Early golf in Leipzig
Clubmakers: Read about other clubmakers
History: Warranted Hand Forged


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