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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Site last updated 27 June 2024
Welcome to Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland is the leading online resource for antique golf clubs and memorabilia from Scotland, the birthplace of golf.

Antique golf catalogue
We think this is now hickory heaven, the largest selection ever of antique golf clubs on the site with something for almost every pocket: unusual patented hickories, scareneck clubs by famous makers and some lower cost irons and putters suitable for hickory play.(And don't forget the Memorabilia sections for unusual golfing gifts.)

Our antique golf clubs are not just for the wall or the museum (ok, some are) but many antique golf clubs are living history, take them out on the course and use them for the purpose they were made, If you want a set of hickory golf clubs made up, please give us as much time as possible.

An antique golf club, ball or hickory set, makes a memorable (and lasting) gift for a golfer. To help, we have grouped what we think make excellent presents for golfers in our Gift Ideas section. If you need help choosing an antique golf item get in touch. In addition to finding a perfect golfing gift, a purchase of an antique golf item may be the start of a hobby, a collecting passion or a chance to play golf with hickory clubs.

Click the title above for the whole catalogue or browse one of our most popular sections.

  Gift ideas
  Sabbath clubs
  Scareneck clubs

Simpson's paper driver
In the evolution of drivers there was more than just different woods and metals used for the heads. This one from the great Carnoustie clubmaker and innovator was made from papier mâché.
  Robert Simpson
  Other unusual woods

Golf and the First World War
Almost 9 years of work continues with golf professionals and clubmakers killed in WWI. Any further discoveries will have much to do with oral family history, at least as a starting point, Please take a look at the article and get in touch if you have information which could help.
  The Niblick Brigade
  Those interned
  How attitudes to Germany changed
  Charles Fraser driver (d. 1917)

Places: Archie Simpson and Balgownie
Clubmakers: The curious case of Phillip S Honeyman
History: Golf in Hungary: The Leven Connection


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