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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland: About Us

The Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland site has grown out of seventeen years experience operating the Web's most comprehensive collection of antique Scottish golf clubs and has been operating as Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland, bringing you the best in vintage golf items, since 2000.
  • You want to see what you are buying so every item here is amply illustrated but, if you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a prompt refund, minus shipping, if the club is returned to us in the same condition it left us within 28 days.
  • You just want something neat to hang on the wall. Of course we are happy to cater for collectors looking for early 19th century clubs but we are just as pleased to find an antique golf club to adorn your office, den, bar or, well, wherever, who are we to say how you should decorate? We offer low-cost items in almost every category.
  • You don't know how anyone could be interested in these things but you need to buy a present. OK, until we get a chance to convert you, try the buyer's guide to antique golf items.
  • If you wanted to read a catalogue you wouldn't be on-line so unlike the other antique golf sites, which don't, in any case, have the number of items we have, we provide powerful internet database technology allowing you to browse or search for the items which interest you. We also go one step further in providing a profile for you to complete. As soon as clubs or memorabilia come in matching your search criteria we will automatically send you an email so you can look at what we have.
  • You don't come to the Internet to shop. Quite right - there are more than enough times in life when you have to shop. We have designed the catalogue as a useful reference work but we have gone further: we are building the history section into the Web's largest source of historical information on Scottish golf clubmaking and clubmakers and the clubmaker section provides data on over 700 golf clubmakers from 1820 - 1930.
  • You want to empty your house of old golf clubs, not fill it. We have introduced an on-line auction facility which allows you to sell items of golf memorabilia at low cost to an appreciative audience. This also has extensive security facilities to protect you as a buyer (or prevent your wife selling "those old sticks" when you are away from home).
We are based in Scotland, so able to find what you need from the home of golf, but using the latest technologies to reach a worldwide audience. We are committed to continuous improvement of our service so, if you think we should be offering something else, we are always happy to listen.

October 2013