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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Auchterlonie socket-head driver
Maker: D & W Auchterlonie , St Andrews/North Berwick
Date: 1906

A nicely banded piece of beech is used for the head of this Auchterlonie driver. The head is stamped for Aucherlonie and for the resellers “Mitchell Manchester” who imported only the best Scottish clubs, principally from Forgan, Auchterlonie and Simpson. It has a fairly large lead backweight but is not noticeably heavy. The head is further protected by a horn slip secured by three hickory dowels in the traditional way and a nick out of it shows it has already done ts job at least once.

The hickory shaft is also stamped for both maker and reseller. There is a slight left to right bend, not enough to render the club unusable, just mildly disconcerting, but I have made a slight repair to a crack where the head joins the shaft below the lower whipping and it may all end in tears if a ball is hit from other than the sweetspot so please treat this as a wall-hanger. I would, of course, repair it for you but many layers of inappropriate varnish and lacquer have been removed from this club to get it back close to the original and then lightly restored, so it’s going to be a grumpy exchange if you tell me you have broken it.

The sheepskin grip is almost certainly original and the lower portion which is missing has been replaced by extending the whipping.

Price $220.00
Reference: D364

Auchterlonie socket-head driver
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