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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Halley long-hoselled putter for Tamworth
Maker: J B Halley , London
Date: 1923

I don’t think I would be slandering Halley’s if I said they were not renowned for innovation in golf club design but they saw what novel designs worked for other firms and then produced their own versions, probably selling them quite a bit cheaper, a Lidl of the links.

The long thin-hoselled putters worked well for Ayres and for Hendry and Bishop with the Viper and Sniper models, so Halley produced this, the imaginatively named “Model 47”. It has a narrow 4.75” hosel, a just over 4.25” face, 1” wide at the widest point. The face has an enclosed ray pattern with the reverse stamped with the model number, Halley’s crossed swords cleekmark, “Warranted hand forged” and in an oval, the professional who sold it “F Nickells Tamworth GC”. Fred (see Makers section)was professional there from 1914 onwards.

The hickory shaft is high quality and in perfect condition. The grip is a cloth-based all-weather model and, even if it is not my favourite, being original it was left alone, especially after spending a considerable time removing the black sticky tape some engineering genius had wrapped round it as an improvement.

Catches the eye and, accepting putters are a matter of taste and violent disagreement, nice to putt with.

Price $160.00
Reference: PUT500

Halley long-hoselled putter for Tamworth
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