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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Tom Morris driver
Maker: Tom Morris , St Andrews
Date: 1913

A fine looking driver made by the Tom Morris shop in St Andrews and sold by D R Neal a sports and games retailer in Antigua Street, Edinburgh.

The head is fashioned from a very fine piece of persimmon with a clear straight-line stamp of “Tom Morris” with “D R Neal Edinburgh” below, both with some flecks of the original gold paint still visible. The face has a triangular black ebonite insert secured by three hickory dowels. There is a horn slip, also with three hickory dowels as was traditional, with a chunk missing from it, as can be seen in the photograph. The slip was there to protect the head from damage (it could easily be replaced) and it has done its job with both the face and sole in excellent condition.

The club is through-hoselled i.e. the shaft comes all the way thorough the head and is sawn flush. The hickory shaft is in excellent condition and clearly original as parts of the Tom Morris decal, a rather innovative and I think unique, shaft identifier used by the St Andrews firm.

The grip is a period replacement with underlisting building it up. At some point there has been a grip on it with a nail hole past the decal which for that reason would not have been the original. The current grip is the length the original would have been.

The most famous name in golf and a very eye-catching club still suitable for play combine to provide a very attractive gift (even if it’s to yourself).

Price $265.00
Reference: D366

Tom Morris driver
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