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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Peter G MacKenzie
North Berwick
Peter Guilar MacKenzie was born Dirleton in 1881. His death was reported in a slew of newspapers (syndicated piece) on 15 May 1918, though oddly mainly in Northern England, e.g. the Sheffield Evening Telegraph:

‘It has been officially reported that Cpl Peter McKenzie, formerly golf greenkeeper at North Berwick Corporation course has been killed in action. McKenzie, before going to North Berwick, was regarded as one of East Lothian’s finest golfers, being a member of the Dirleton Castle club with which the ex-Scottish champion, W.M. Watt, was also once associated. McKenzie won Lord Haldane’s cup and many other East Lothian trophies.’

He finished tied for first in the Hope Challenge Medal, the prestigious amateur tournament for East Lothian golfers, at Kilspinsie in 1907 but was disqualified by xirtue of being considered a professional, he being an assistant greenkeeper at the time.

This and the war memorial are the only instances of ‘McKenzie’. Birth certificate, military records, CWGC and census uses ‘MacKenzie’. I sympathise.

He was a very good amateur. In addition to the Haldane Cup mentioned above, he played in the winning Wemyss Cup teams of 1899, 1904, 1906 and won the first Watson Cup in 1902. He became assistant at Gullane (I presume to the Dirleton Ccub, the oldest of the ones playing over the course and of which he was a member). He was appointed chief greenkeeper the Burgh Club in North Berwick in 1910 and is found on the 1911 census, aged 29, one of six boarders with William Scott and family at 2 Law Road, North Berwick and described as greenkeeper employed by Town Council. He enlisted with the Royal Scots in North Berwick early in the war. Serving as a Corporal with the 15th Battalion (Soldier number 38679) he was killed in action in France 10.4.1918 and buried grave XX. B. 20. Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez.

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