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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Edward J Carter
Baden-Baden (Germany) etc
Both Jackson and Georgiady list Carter at the Rhos-on-Sea club at Colwyn Bay in North Wales in 1906. I am not so sure this is the same person. An article in Golf Illustrated in 1921 (during Carter’s time in France) states he was a native of Hanger Hill and assistant to George Duncan there which would be no earlier than 1908. Indeed the 1911 census shows Carter as a professional golfer and clubmaker living in the Ducan famil's house in Hanger Hill as a servant. (Of course Duncan was also professional at Rhos-on-Sea so perhaps another member of the Carter family worked for him there [this Carter is annotated Jr by Jackson] and became professional in 1906.)

Sometime after 1910 Carter became professional at the nine-hole course in Zürich in Switzerland which Kenneth Brown, in his 1914 article ‘Golf Courses I have met on the Continent’, in Golf Illustrated noted ‘is hardly what our friends the Germans would call a ''serious" course’, so perhaps this was seasonal and Carter remained at Hanger Hill the rest of the year or had duties elsewhere also.

In 1914 he moved to Baden-Baden, and was professional here when the war started. As a result he found himself interned at the Ruhleben Englanderlager in Berlin for the duration of the war.

After the war he was professional in France at Fontainebleau from, at least, 1921 onwards.

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