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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
A B Golf Company
A B Golf Company The A B Golf Company produced the Migvie range of golf clubs, patented golf tees and bags in the 1920s from a base at Coventry House, South Place, London EC2. I can find no company records for them as a limited company so they may not have been incorporated or were simply the trading name of another company. Eisenmann & Co, a famous German doll and plastic toy maker, operated from this address under the name Einco so there may be a connection.

Their tees, granted a patent in the UK in 1924 and in the USA in 1927, were called Anchor because of one or more barbs which held the tee firmly in the ground. A later adaptation had a coloured line to be positioned towards the hole to remove the risk of the clubhead striking the barb.

The Migvie golf bag, also patented (in 1930 and in the USA in 1933), was for a bag which had a split stiffening ring at the mouth which could be pulled apart to allow clubs to be removed more easily from the bag.

The prime movers behind the company were Laurence Dent and Alec MacKenzie. Laurence Dent was born in 1888 and died in 1987 and was described as a ‘businessman and art collector’ in an archive of correspondence of his on stained glass held in the Tate Gallery Archive. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Territorial Army in 1910 and had become a Major by 1948, and been awarded the DSO. At that time he was appointed High Sheriff of Berkshire.

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