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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Hugh Logan
Hugh Logan was born in Prestwick in 1880 and began his career there, working for Tom Morris's successor, Charles Hunter. In 1902 he went south to London, as manager of Frank Johnson's newly established clubmaking business. Wisely he also served as clubmaker to the famous London Scottish club at Wimbledon because Johnson's business collapsed within a year. During his time in London he developed and patented the Genii iron with its notched hosel so that the loft and blade position could be adjusted.

In 1907 Logan returned to Scotland spending a short time as foreman in Tom Morris's shop in St Andrews before becoming professional at the Whitecraigs club on Glasgow's southside. He played in the Open Championship of that year, as he had the previous time it was held at Prestwick in 1903.

In 1909 he was on his way south to the new course at Hainault Forest in London where he served as professional until 1912 and opened the course playing a foursomes match against J H Taylor. After this time he worked as a salesman for the Zenith Golfball Company and spent some time living in Toronto. By 1922 he was certainly back in Scotland as senior partner in the Logan Letters clubmaking business in Glasgow but this involvement was clearly short-lived as the next year this was the sole province of John Letters, the name under which the company continues to this day. The reason for his departure is unknown but he was obviously still well thought of in the clubmaking fraternity because he served as a judge of clubmaking at the London Exhibition in 1923.

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