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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
R C Lewis
Shrewsbury / Garforth
Roland Charles Lewis born in 1884 was one of seven brothers from Great Malvern who became professional golfers (see also Willie, Leonard, Martin, Alfred, Tom, and Horace).

Roland began his professional career in Wales at Llangamarch around 1905, the year he married Maud Stanton there in April. By August 1907 he was professional at Hale and playing in the Northern PGA qualifier from there. From here he moved to become pro at Shrewsbury between 1910 and 1913 and appears as golf professional and clubmaker there on the 1911 census, living at 2 The Elms, Meole Brace, with Maud, two young sons and Maud's 16 year old sister..He moved to the Royal Curragh club in 1913 and was there until 1920 although this was interrupted by his war service, He may have served in the Rifle Brigade (there was an F C Lewis invalided out in 1917 as a result of gassing) but was not, as the Irish Independent reported in 2017 an initial member of the Niblick Brigade (they got the Battalion wrong but they, or their sources, should have known that being married would have prevented Lewis from joining the Niblicks).

He was the Garforth pro from 1925-1938 and, according to Jackson's register's rather cryptic entry, 'died on the course following an iron shot over a wall'. I have not been able to verify eiither the dearh or his being at Garforth beyond the late 1920s.

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