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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Herbert Line
Le Touquet/Maidenhead
Herbert Line was born in Uxbridge in 1884, eldest child of William Herbert Line and his wife, Emma née Scott, but grew up in Maidenhead. Herbert served a three year apprenticeship with Alec Simpson, the local professional. This must have been around the turn of the twentieth century as he is listed as a clubmaker, living at home with parents and siblings, at 42 Cordwallis Road, Maidenhead on the 1901 census.

I find no mention of him for the rest of the decade but by 1912 he was in France, a professional/instructor at Le Touquet with B H H Cockburn and playing with him in a foursome against Calloway and Gintheran. Before the First World War he was employed at the Paris Golf School by H Morrison.

He volunteered early in the war for the Niblick Brigade and was the first of that golfing contingent to be wounded, being shot in the face on 29 February 1916. His nose was damaged and he was evacuated to a military hospital in Tooting, London.

Later, in 1917, he was transferred to the London Regiment and, prior to demob, to the 12th Bedfordshires.

After the war he returned to professional golf at Maidenhead. According to Jackson’s Register, M Lurcock was professional from 1907 until the eve of the Second World War. This may well be correct but he must have kept a very low profile as I find no mention of him. Line, on the other hand, is prominent in tournaments throughout the 1920s: Southern qualifying for the News of the World, the 100 Guineas Perriert event, the McVitie and Price £800 tournament at Watford and, into the 1930s, the big assistants’ tournament at Wentworth in 1934.

Herbert Line died on 23 June 1945, still resident at the family home in Corwallis Road.

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