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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Adam Brand
Was Adam Brand making clubs in Musselburgh before the McEwans moved there? I don’t know for sure that he ever made a club with his own name stamped on it but, until I establish otherwise, the possibility exists.

On the 1851 census, Adam is described as a ‘Turner (Wood) and Club Maker’. Given he is already 54 (baptised 12 September 1796) one would not expect a sudden career change. Unfortunately, although he appears on the 1841 census, that does not provide an occupation. However, the record of his marriage, to Frances, née Underwood on 9 July 1825 shows him as a clubmaker in Fisherrow, Musselburgh.

In 1851 he is living at 10 Esk Side. Inveresk (Musselburgh) with wife Frances and two sons Adam, aged 21, and Robert, 19, both described as journeymen clubmakers. Later censuses specify whether an individual is an employer or employee but not in 1851. Douglas McEwan opened his business in Musselburgh in 1847 so it is possible the three Brands were among his first employees or they could have been running a small clubmaking business themselves. I have no record of a Musselburgh club marked “Brand”.

Adam Jr got married to Margaret Mackie on 28 June of that year. By the time of the next census in 1861 the boys have left the town (Adam Jr is a boilermaker in Leith) and there is no clubmaker in Adam Sr’s description: he is a master wood turner (perhaps he made shafts in someone else’s workshop). He died in Musselburgh in 1870.

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