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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Carruthers' Cleek
Maker: James Anderson , Anstruther
Date: 1895

Thomas Carruthers' patent of 1891 was one of the most influential in golf club development. He patented the idea of the shaft coming all the way through the hosel, and a hole on the base of the iron, and being finished flush to that. It is more than a through-hosel, though, and many club descriptions (and dare I say it, some of our competitors) mistakenly apply the Carruthers descriptions to other clubs such as through-hosel woods. The whole point of Carruthers' innovation was to reduce the weight of the hosel. Taking the shaft all the way through meant that the connection was strong enough if a much shorter hosel was used: if the hosel is not markedly shorter than usual, it is not a Carruthers' club. In this club the hosel is 2.5" long.

Carruthers' heads were all forged by Anderson of Anstruther and I assume this one has been also. It is clearly marked "W A Wood Special Cheltenham" in an oval. There appears to be no record of Wood as a professional but, before A J Hobley's arrival at Cheltenham in 1896, and his almost 40 year tenure as the pro, there seems to be have been a succession of professionals cum greenkeepers in the early 1890s and W A Wood is probably one of these. The club would be made smooth faced - a line pattern has been engraved by hand, perhaps 15-20 years later when these became the fashion.

The club has a good straight, dark hickory shaft with the original listing and a replacement sheepskin grip. A good example of this interesting patent.

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Carruthers' Cleek
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