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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Forgan Max-Mo putter
Maker: Robert Forgan and Son , St Andrews
Date: 1929

The Max-Mo putter, as can be seen from the contemporary advertisement, was pushed as a technological advancement by the Forgan company. Really it was one of the many times the semi long-nose beech putters of the 1890s were reprised and updated. There will have been entirely new elements in the Max-Mo: I have not opened one up but, as there is no lead backweight, I am guessing some weight is built directly into the club, probably beneath the soleplate.

There are generally two key elements which make the Max-Mo recognisable. The first is a double diamond with the patented and trademarked “Max” “Mo” in each half and “Reg’d” below. That is present though you need to look at the crown with a magnifiyng glass but I have never seen one with a central aiming line on it before. The second distinguishing feature is a double sole plate: the plates at the heel and the toe with the wood left in the middle with some Forgan stampings. This model’s sole is completely covered but, looking at it side-on as can be seen in the picture, the soleplate is relatively thin in the middle compared to the plates at the end. What is the significance of these variations? I have absolutely no idea, maybe a later model but I’ve seen a lot of Max-Mos and none quite like this.

The head is a fine piece of wood with attractive banding so as good for display as out on the course. The hickory shaft is original and has a faint Forgan stamp. The built-up rubberised grip may well be original, it was one of the innovations of the late 1920s early 1930s. There is a white label on it which probably had a name for the particular design.

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Forgan Max-Mo putter
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