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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Jack White palakona spoon
Maker: Jack White , London/Gullane
Date: 1925

Jack White, the Open Champion of 1904, was also the champion of palakona clubs, the whippy shaft deriving from the split cane format for fishing rods developed by Hardy Brothers in Alnwick. I have a lot of customers for whom these clubs are a collecting specialty and I hope one of them can provide some information on this club which I have never previously encountered.

A spoon, so marked on the sole, below which is Hoylake, a club and course with which White was never associated. It is through-hoselled (the shaft made flush at the sole of the club) with two aluminium plates, each secured by three screws, protecting the sole on both the front and rear edges. This is also a design I have not previously encountered on any wooden club. The rightmost plate has been repaired with a replacement piece secured by a smaller screw. I accept aluminium is aluminium but the repair does look like it was effected by the original maker or someone in his workshop, presumably at Sunningdale.

The persimmon crown of the club is marked “Jack White” in signature, picked out in gold, above “Reg’d Trade Mark”. The shaft is the standard 7 piece split palakona cane, albeit rather narrow to accommodate the dimensions of a spoon. The club carries a light suede grip.

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Jack White palakona spoon
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