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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Late hickory-era putter
Maker: G H Preen , Donington Park
Date: 1935

A very late hickory era ladiesí putter from G H Preen at Donington Park with hyphened face and decorative bars. A good straight shaft with original black leather grip and an opportunity to gripe.

Admittedly I am reaching an age of cantankerousness where many aspects of listings on eBay annoy me, not least the willingness of sellers to steal intellectual property from this site. However, it is the use of the headline *** RARE *** which makes those funny veins on my forehead protrude (and, if you are a cardiologist, I can live without the knowledge that these may, in fact, be my temporal artery).

Many clubs in the twentieth century were produced in industrial quantities. Their lifespan could depend on their utility as a club to play with but could equally depend on an early ownerís need for firewood, fenceposts or paint stirrers. I cannot look at a club and reckon how many may be left in the world and, I assure you, neither can an eBay rag and bone man.

More germane is the association between rare and valuable. This club was made, at the very earliest, in 1935 (Donington was a new course then with Preen as its first professional), six years after the R&A allowed steel-shafted clubs so not many hickory-shafted clubs were made anywhere. Because of the Second World War, the club probably only existed for another four or five years. Add to the mix it is a ladiesí club so it may well be the only ladiesí club from this club in existence. Does this make it valuable? If you are the grandchild of the maker, for sure. For other collectors, probably not but, if Iím wrong, a nice malt would be much appreciated when you are getting the celebratory drinks in.

Price $120.00
Reference: PUT444

Late hickory-era putter
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