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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Long-hoselled Ayres putter with square shaft for Harrods
Maker: F H Ayres , London
Date: 1926

One of the popular putter theories of the 1920s was that a long hosel transmitted the "feel" of the putt up the shaft. This is taken to extremes with this model which has a 5" hosel and a shorter than usual shaft at 30.5" made that way, not shortened.

F H Ayres had quite a fetish for patented and novel putter designs, both buying in and making their own clubs. This is one of their own though I don't know what the model name is. The reverse of the head is stamped "Staynorus" but this refers to the rustless alloy from which the head was made. It is also stamped "M" which I presume means "Medium". I hope this refers to the lie and not the weight of the club head as, if there was a heavier one I would fear for a frustrated golfer striking the ground after a missed putt. Not only would the hole in the earth incite pathological anger in the greenkeeper it might also trigger a small earthquake. More familiar stamps on the head are Ayres' Maltese Cross cleekmark surrounded by "Warranted Hand Forged" and the reseller's name "Harrods Ltd" so it presumably was far from inexpensive in its day.

The face has an enclosed diamond pattern.

Another interesting part of the design is the hickory shaft which begins as square in cross-section at the top becoming circular below the original burgundy leather grip.

This is an extremely eye-catching club with several interesting by-ways in putter design incorporated within it: an excellent gift for a golfing loved one (and as John Lennon said; if you cannot love yourself . )

Price $265.00
Reference: PUT428

Long-hoselled Ayres putter with square shaft for Harrods
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