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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Open Championship
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Year Venue

1904: (Royal) St George's

 Player Score
1Jack White296
2James Braid297
 J H Taylor297
4Tom Vardon301
5Harry Vardon302
6James Sherlock309
7James Graham (a)310
 Andrew Kirkaldy310
9Sandy Herd311
10Ben Sayers Robert Maxwel (a)313

Jack White's winning score of 296 was the first time a champion had completed the four rounds in under 300, quite remarkable as he opened with a round of 80 and then improved with each successive round, 75, 72 and 69. This also demonstrates the rapid improvement in players, courses and equipment around the turn of the century. Six years before, when the Open had been at Royal St George's, Jack White had been runner up but had set a course record with his 75. Another record to fall was that this championship was the first to see rounds under 70: James Braid had a 69 in the third round, matched by White in his final round. A new record was set in the last round, though, by J H Taylor who returned a 68. For the third time in an Open Championship, Braid had a putt for a 3 on the seventy-second hole; for the third time he failed to hole it. What made it worse was that a spectator had told him he had two putts to tie with Jack White. Not so. ‘Put not your trust in spectators’, wrote Bernard Darwin. ‘They have the best intentions no doubt but they are generally speaking unmitigated liars’. Yet another first was that the duration of the tournament was extended. Previously the four rounds were played over two days, this time there were three days of competition.