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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Open Championship
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Year Venue

1876: St Andrews

 Player Score
1Bob Martin176
 Davie Strath176
3Willie Park Snr183
4Old Tom Morris185
  Mungo Park185
  William Thompson185
7Henry Lamb (a)186
8Walter Gourlay187
 Bob Kirk187
  George Paxton187

Davie Strath, who started favourite, was known for his elegant, effortless swing in stark contrast to Bob Martin who likened his own style to 'an auld wifie cutting hay'. They were joint leaders after the first round with scores of 86. Prince Leopold of Belgium was captain of the R&A that year and had visited St Andrews just before the championship and this had curtailed the time available for play in the Open Meeting. The result was the farcical situation of R&A members playing during the Open Championship teeing off alternately with Championship competitors. The course was packed and at the 14th, Strath's second shot felled a local upholsterer who was putting on the green ahead. Rather shaken by this he took a six at this and the 15th hole. He did compose himself sufficiently to finish the round once again tied with Martin but there had been a complaint about him playing to the hole when another player was putting. The R&A told Strath and Martin to play off on the Monday and a decision about Strath's possible disqualification would be taken afterwards. Under the circumstances Strath refused to play and Martin became Open Champion by walking over the course.