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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
J West
James (Jimmy, when he got to the USA) West learnt his golf from the great J H Taylor at Richmond and was assistant greenkeeper to Peter Lees at West Surrey for some years.

He was in Germany before the First World War and the records for the competitions he entered suggest he was professional at Bremen. However, his return to Britain in 1910 was heralded by Aberdeen's Evening Express as coming from being professional at Hamburg. This may be a Ryanair approach to Northern Germany or may reflect him being an instructor at various German clubs for different parts of the year. In any event, it was from Bremen he entered the 1911 tournament in Baden-Baden and, in the same year, won the German Professional Championship at Leipzig. So perhaps the delights of Cardigan Bay were not sufficient to keep him in Wales twelve months of the year.

The beautiful views were not enough to keep him: in 1916 he became professional at the Rockaway Hunting Club on Long Island, the oldest Country Club in the United States (albeit it was more interesting than a country club with fox hunting and steeple chasing when it began). He was winner of the first Long Island Professional Championship in 1921.

By 1928 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle wondered how he could what he did,

'Once a year Jimmy West emerges from that section of Long Island adjacent to the Rockaways, ties his boat up first, lays aside his fishing tackle, plays in the Long Island Open and causes one to wonder how he does so well on the links. Curly-haired Jimmy West scored a 70 in the second round of the Long Island open, a 70 that included 35 putts. West doesn't play a great deal of golf. Certainly, he doesn't go at the game with the determination and fervour of the youthful professionals. West is no child. He's one of the veterans of the game. And he never could putt. Yet, each year, Jimmy comes through.'

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