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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Arthur Andrews
Hamburg (Germany)
Arthur Andrews was one of the supposedly thirteen golf professionals interned at Berlin’s Ruhleben golf course at the start of the First World War. Links to the others interned can be found in the article on Ruhleben

Andrews was born in Hertfordshire in 1895 and, before taking up his appointment at the Wentorf-Reinbek club, close to Hamburg, in 1909, he was living in St Albans. After the war, Pete Georgiady has him listed at Verulam from 1920-21 and, although he was not the professional there (that was Charles Wallis), the fact that the club is in St Albans does suggest that he may well have been an assistant pro. We can say with more certainty that he has professional at the Hill Golf Club in Harrow in 1922 and stayed with the club when it became the Northwick Park club in 1924. He remained as professional here until the club closed in 1940.

The figure of thirteen professionals comes from a piece in Golfing in 1915 recounting a letter written from the camp to Messrs Lehmann and Co explaining that the prisoners were allowed an hour of golf per day and that the professionals ‘are having almost as much to do in the way of giving lessons as they had in happier times’. It estimated a hundred amateurs were taking advantage of the golf hour. From what I have, found there were fifteen, possibly sixteen as described in the Ruhleben piece.

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