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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
H B Shute
Huntingdon WV/Dayton OH
Hermon Boyce Shute, born in Northam, Devon, in 1878 is best known as the father and teacher of Denny Shute (Open Champion 1933 and USPGA winner 1936 and 1937) but was a golf professional himself for 57 years.

He was the son of another Hermon and his wife Elizabeth Ann and grew up in the Caretakerís House of the Working Menís Club in Northam where his father was a gardener and domestic servant. The younger Hermon also appears as a domestic servant on the 1891 census but soon after served his apprenticeship at the great English golfing centre of Westward Ho! He went to the United States around the turn of the twentieth century.

His first professional post seems to have been at Huntington, WV, in 1910 where he served for 16 years. He then moved to Ohio and spent three years at the Elks Club in Columbus. Two other engagements in Columbus followed, at Arlington and Brookside before moving to Cleveland and the Lake Forest club. Boston Hills, between Cleveland and Akron was his post until 1939.

In 1941 he moved to Dayton to become professional at the Walnut Grove Country Club and joined as a club designer in 1944. He served his last two seasons at the Mounds Golf Club in Miamisburg, Ohio, and died in hospital in Dayton on 9 November 1948. He was buried next to the grave of his long-time friend Alec "Nipper" Campbell.

His brother Cyril was a professional at Woolacombe Bay and died in Italy during the First World War.

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