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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Joe Auchterlonie
Joseph Penn Auchterlonie was the son of another of the same name. The father was a clubmaker in St Andrews, brother to David and Willie and Tom, and a prominent member and player with the St Andrews Golf Club. He had been an ordinary member for over sixty years when appointed a life member in March 1937.

Joe was born in St Andrews in 1892 and was one of several members of the St Andrews GC in the town who were recruited to be instructors at Carlsbad in Austria (modern day Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic) before the First World War. He went out in 1912 and, according to his friend James Sorley , who wrote the golf news for the St Andrews Citizen and had also spent a season in Carlsbad, he concluded that year’s work with a month’s ‘private engagement’ in Warsaw. As I have not heard of any golfing in the Polish capital at this time I would be keen to find out more though I accept ‘private engagement’ might mean he went to see a girlfriend.

He returned to Carlsbad for 1913-1914 and stayed a little too long and was interned (see Carlsbad) at the start of the First World War.

I have not yet teased out the story of his return to Scotland but, once home, Joe sailed from Liverpool on the Carmania arriving in NYC on 31 May 1919 with his stated destination being his brother, Harry, in Paterson, NJ, who was then professional at a nearby country club in Paramus.

He was professional at Wanango Country Club in Franklin, PA, in 1921 (no earlier as Jack Kennedy was listed in all the 1920 literature as pro) and was here until, at least, 1923 when he led off an inter-club march against Foxboro with a thumping win.

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