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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
Harry G Brown
Harry Godfrey Brown was born in Ripon in Yorkshire in 1894 and started his career as assistant and clubmaker to Herbert Dean at the local Ripon club, When Dean moved to become professional at Falmouth, Harry came with him as assistant and lived with the family, as shown by the 1911 census. The following year Brown took over as Falmouth professional.

He served during the First World War and, afterwards, starting in 1921 was responsible, as professional, in getting the Marienbad club in Austria (now Mariánské Lázne in the Czech Republic) going again. There are clubs marked for him at Marienbad imported from Scotland. Talking to the Yorkshire Post in 1924 he pointed out that he charged the equivalent of one English pound for clubs he sold at Marienbad but this was not excessive given a quarter of the cost was taken up by customs and freight.

It did not escape his notice that costs could be saved by making clubs locally and he noted that the Germans had attempted to do so but up until then, had made a 'hopeless hash of the job'.

In 1927 he went to work in Vienna but still kept a professional connection with Marienbad. He wrote home to the Yorkshire Post in 1931 praising the growth of Austrian golf and the new course at Worthersee where he played an exhibition match.

‘I am very busy teaching golf in Vienna but I hope to visit Bedale again in a few months’ and he did, coming home permanently, and being appointed professional at Eaglescliffe in August 1932. The Hartlepool local paper notes him playing with H Reveley, professional at Seaton Carew, the following year against Walter Hagen and Percy Alliss.

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