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Antique Golf Clubs from Scotland
A H Jones Hobley
Born in Eastbourne in 1889, the son of golf professional A J Hobley, and one of three golfing brothers with C E Hobley and B E Hobley, Alfred Henry Jones Hobley probably made good use of his father’s connections as a ‘teacher of golf’ (1901 census) to work as an instructor/assistant around the Cotswolds, at Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Churchdown and Stow-on-the-Wold.

The three brothers appeared together at least once in a tournament, the 1910 Midland Professional Golf Championship at Stourbridge and all three served in the RFC or RNAS (and transferred to the RAF in 1918) in the First World War.

A couple of his obituaries mention him being professional at Welshpool which I do not believe to be correct, confusing him with Hockey, the professional there, though how they did that I have no idea – not an internet search in 1911!). So, I think his first, and last, full professional appointment was at Ashburton in Devon, sometime late in 1910. He was showing competitive promise: in the West of England PGA qualifying tournament in March 1911 he had finished in the top 5 giving him entry to the Sphere and Tatler matchplay cups.

It all came to a sad and premature end. Lodging with a farmer, he went out rabbit shooting with him in September 1911. Laying a loaded gun on a fence (how often do we hear this story?) he climbed over, accidentally discharging the gun into his arm. Destroying most of the muscles he was treated and operated on but, despite showing initial improvement, died a few days later.

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